We love hearing from our customers, here are just a few comments they shared with us.

"My boyfriend has severe night time in continence and even some daily. He would regularly take off his protection during the night. Since getting him a wonsie, life and bedding has been so much easier. He no longer is able to subconsciously take of his nappy and I for one love waking up to a dry bed and no washing. Wonsies has saved our relationship." - Becca, AUS

"My daughter was just a size 2 when I found your product online. She is now a size 10. Your onesies with a g-tube pocket are by far the most incredibly simple yet practical solution to what could otherwise be a pain to deal with when your child already has so many other needs." - Sibel, ON, CAN
"I just wanted to let you know that these have been life changing. Our daughter whom is doubley incontinent would rip her nappy off every single night, either wetting her bed or facal smearing. Since we purchased NOT ONCE has it happened. I cried last night because of how happy we are. I cannot wait to purchase more and I've been spreading the word of your amazing products. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for making such an amazing product." - Kirsten, SA, AUS

"Being able to keep our nappies firmly and comfortably in place is important for those of us who use them as adults for maintenance of our professional and social lifestyles. The jumpsuit is particularly good at this, but you won’t be able to get in and out of it without assistance. (Believe me — I’ve tried!)  When wearing one, it is advisable to be within coo-ee of your partner or a very close friend!” - Gavan, ACT, AUS
"After already purchasing two of these incredible back zip Wonsies, we came back to get two more. Finally a sleep-time outfit that our two-year-old Houdini cannot escape! In our house, we refer to this sleeping outfit as "the ninja". Many thanks!!!!!" - Joann, VA, USA

"We love the Wonsie! I thought I was ordering them for chest brace liners, but they fit so well and look so good he mostly wears them as shirts. They give a finished, polished look and we don't worry about them coming untucked. Seppy spends a lot of time in his wheelchair and car seat in the van, so it's nice to know his shirt isn't riding up his back in a wrinkled, uncomfortable mess. Thanks again for making such a thoughtful, useful, and even fashionable bodysuit. These products really do fill a need that many people with a disabled child have." - Joey, NC, USA
"My son landed in hospital yesterday with pneumonia and because of temps he has just been wearing the singlet Wonsie. All the nurses have commented about these wonderful Wonsies's with peg holes. So from the bottom of my heart I would like to thank you and encourage you to keep going. I will certainly be telling people about them. They are amazing."- Jackie, NSW, AUS

"A few months ago, I ordered 5 Wonsies for my 12 yr old grand-daughter who has Down's syndrome and is totally non-verbal. We absolutely love this product! It has helped so much to prevent her from putting her hands in her diaper. Thank you so so very much for all you have done. It has truly been a blessing for our family and for her teachers as well."- Tina, NC, USA 

"I can’t tell you enough how much I love these! They are such a huge help. Why I like them: (My child is 11, has cp, quad) It’s easier to pick him up (his shirt doesn’t slide up), I don’t have to worry about his shirt being bunched up in the back of his wheelchair. I don’t have to worry about his back touching the back of his wheelchair if it’s especially hot/cold out.His diaper doesn’t show, It keeps his diaper in place, It’s easy to layer with warm clothing, He can wear his Charley Wrap over it, and I don’t have to worry about it riding up." - Tina, TX USA

"Just wanted to let you know again how thankful I have been that we purchased the Wonsie bodysuits for our son Charlie. He wears them every day underneath his other clothing and in summer we let him wear just the Wonsie and some tight shorts.  I’m thankful it's stopped him reaching into his nappy and that his teachers haven’t had to deal with that." - Nadine, NSW, AUS

"The new tummy access Wonsie’s are great. I’ve previously brought your Wonsie’s and have had to put a hole in them and stitch it to make an access point for Mauri’s g-tube. Having them come already with that access point is brilliant. When I saw them I wondered if they’d be OK because the g-tube is more on the left side of Mauri’s body, and the tummy access is centred in the middle. However they work great. The tube sits to the left of the dome closure. I will definitely be ordering more." - Kaye, NZ

"I just wanted to let you know that I love the tummy access Wonsies we bought!  The access area in the Wonsie is positioned perfectly on my sons tummy to access his PEG on his stomach and I have found the access to be just the right width too!  Perfect all round for us!  We will definitely be back for more."- Jodie, WA, AUS

"My son is 5 and he has cerebral palsy. The wonsie suits are fantastic, as they can't expose his back when he is in his wheelchair, or roll and bunch up under his clothing. He even wore just his singlet wonsie when having a catch up with his friend Neil Finn last December!"-  Louise, Hamilton, NZ

"They are fabulous and so soft. I am impressed that they will not only deter my son's little hands, but other kids too, as well as providing added protection for the 'PEG' tube in his stomach. Keep up the good work."- Jane, NSW

"Such a great product, a real stress saver and they look good enough to wear on their own with jeans or shorts too... Our boy looks really cute in them, and it is good to send extras with him to day care." - Petra, NSW, AUS

"I cannot tell you how happy I was to find your existence. My 3 year old son has a muscle weakness which has resulted in a very curved upper spine – I always have to put him in a Bonds Bodysuit with a snap crotch - no shirt ever stays down due to his spinal curve!  I’ve stretched the size 2 bodysuits to the limit and have been lamenting over what comes next – I am delighted to find you’ve already had the idea. Now I don’t have to worry about him grazing his back down the slippery slide!! Thank you so very much." - Verena, NSW, AUS

"Our four year old has autism, is not yet toilet trained and was endlessly taking off his nappy and/or playing with the contents following an accident. Since we've been using the Wonsies we have not had any more issues, or the tantrums that were occurring every time we had to re-dress him or clean him up. He also has a lot of sensory issues and the soft material doesn't bother him at all- in fact he runs around like a superhero once it is on! Thank you very much from a very grateful family!" - Natalie, NSW, AUS

"I have a 5 and a half year old child with Autism who still wears nappies and smears his faeces if he can reach his hand down the back of his nappy before anyone notices that he needs changing. If left alone, he is liable to smear faeces on furniture or classmates if left unattended. We have used a number of methods to help prevent this from occurring and have found that the Wonsie body suit to be extremely useful and has worked very well for us and would highly recommend" - Christy, NSW, AUS