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I love this bodysuit and the fit is amazing. The material is great quality and the stretch is perfect for my busy lifestyle. The only draw back I would have to say but doesn’t bother me is that arms were tight at first, but after a few washes to loosen the fabric up all is well.

Waterproof Overpant
Frances Wilks (AU)
Great product

These overpants are brilliant. My husband has Parkinsons, and the incontinence problems that come with it. These waterproof pants enhance the pull up continence aids he wears, and save the bedding from getting wet overnight. He wears them under daytime clothing, just as an added precaution, if we are going out for an extended period. Obviously there are the odd occasions where leakage occurs, but nothing is infallible. The staff at Wonsie answered my questions before I ordered, and the ordering and postage processes were uneventful, and prompt.

I have never been so happy to see the postman. Good quality fast delivery.

worth it

They work. They're comfy. Might be a little tight for especially chubby legs, but seems perfect for our son who's average size for his age. (5yrs). Wide band is good. Comfortable. No qualms having bought. Buying more so we have swimwear for both school and home

Waterproof Overpant
Chris Schulz (AU)
Comfortable and quiet

These pants are very comfortable and quiet. They work well as extra protection over disposable nappies. The legs aren't quite forward facing enough to cover my cloth nappies but other than that they are great and long-lasting too.

I’ve never been so thankful to see the postman. Order process was easy and delivery was fast.

A must buy

Thankyou so much, these are wonderful! I bought 5 to try and then bought more to match colour of school uniform shorts.. they have really helped.. he can't get them off and they prevent accidents.. U may also have to way an undie or shorts on top of nappy underneath wonsie if your child tries to wriggle the nappy and move it under the wonsie. Our son does this because he can't get the zip wonsie off.

. Worth the money. And it's cotton and soft

Fantastic adult onesie swimsuit one piece swim wear

This swim suit is perfect for my son who attends aquatherapy with an exercise physiologist weekly, but was beginning to pull down his regular swimmers in the water (which was tricky to resolve as the therapist was cautious about reaching underwater to help pull his swimmers back up). He also wears eenie swim pants under this. The sizing is as expected - I bought his regular relaxed size as we just needed a one-piece. For those who want a very fitted size, you may need to buy a smaller size than usual.

Loved them, they're soft and my son loves them.

Sleeveless, long leg wonsie

Hi, It would be great to have this option in a lighter weight summer stretch fabric. Also, for our specific purpose I have had to cut off the cuff so having a version without cuffs on the bottom would also be great.
Wonderful product with easy access for support workers. Thank you.

No escape

Great product and works how it’s designed to. I wear thick disposable adult diapers to bed every night. Before, I would only make it a few hours before taking my diapers off. Now, after my wife zips me up, I can not take them off. I remain fully diapered through the night until I am released in the morning. It’s a comfortable product and fits well. Just finally happy to find a product that is secure and will keep me diapered 24/7 if need be.

A must buy

Thank you so much! This has solved this issue! Our son can no longer take off his clothes and nappy. Perfect for school too under the uniform and we'll camouflaged with school grey shorts on-top but long enough to use without shorts if too hot.

Absolutely brilliant 👏🏻

My daughter 4, has Down Syndrome and is not yet toilet trained. She loves swimming but the disposable or reusable swim nappies you buy from bigger retailers just don’t fit anymore. I ordered size 6-8 and they are perfect! Firm enough around the waist and legs for no leakages but still plenty of growing room. Now she can enjoy the pool without the fear of a blow out 👏🏻👏🏻

Rear zip sleep suit

My son has worn same for two years and measured for new one by size chart on site. I allowed for adequate room. When I got it was far too tight and had to order two more two sizes larger yesterday. Great product thou . Also my son is on ndis plan but was told couldn’t claim because it’s restrictive. If he’s in normal pj’s I’m washing all his bedding everyday

Easy to use

A very effective bed wetter protection. Covers essential part of the bed, remains in place with tucked in wings and very quick to change if required at night with minimal disruption to parent and child’s sleep. Regular sheet under protector remains dry requiring only the brolly sheet to be removed and washed.
Very absorbent and the simplest, most effective bed protection we have found so far.
Can recommend it.

Adult incontinence Splash Jammers Pink/Navy

I have been buying Splash children incontinence swim nappies for year. Now my son is an adult and his hips are much wider and deeper. So I bought two sizes of Jammers - Adult XS and Adult S. The Adult XS is still slightly too big for him, especially around the waist. He is very skinny and tall. What I like about Splash brand is they have deeper crotch than other brand, which is very important for the containment in the water. I bought so many brands to try, and disappointed so many times. The Splash Jammers so far is the best among all my tried brands. It is easy to put on, has deep crotch. However the material for edges of Splash is not very tight elastic material, and it gets loose pretty quickly. I am wondering if extra plastic band in the edges could solve the problem.

I saw a brand from UK designed a zipper at the diagonal of one side of the front, made with neoprene material, but couldn't find where to buy it. I imagine that design makes the swim diaper fit snugly yet easy to put on. I went extra miles in searching swim nappies for my son, even looked to customly make it. But no tailor I know does it. I hope someone read my feedback and make something fit people like son.

Works great

Highly recommend!

We've been using these suits for our 10yo since he was about 6yo. They're always high quality & our son is very comfortable wearing them. The snap buttons make it easy to dress him & change his nappies. He pretty much lives in these suits. He wears one throughout the day, then another at night, and we have the long sleeve versions for winter!

Great product & customer service!

We ordered the wrong size & received help very quickly when we contacted Wonsie to sort out an exchange for the correct size 😊


We love these swimsuits! Our 10yo can move freely in them, has no sensory issues with the material & they're easy to put on/take off him.

I am unable to give a product review at this time as I am yet to receive the correct product. My first package contained the long leg no sleeve which my child managed to stretch rip and get out of in a matter of minutes. He is a very strong and determined little man.

Good concept but could be made better

We bought these bc my daughter was opening the snaps of her other onesies to pull at her nappy. The back zip is a good concept but the legs are loose and she rolls them up and sticks her hands in her nappy that way. Would be better if legs were more fitted

Great for people with sensory issues

These are lovely and soft and wash and dry well without colour fade. I bought this sleeved pair as I had hoped they might be harder for my daughter to get out of than the sleeveless one I had already purchased. Unfortunately, if you have a Houdini, these don't keep them from disrobing in the community. However, my daughter is more likely to tolerate this for longer than regular clothing. She does damage it stripping out of it unfortunately. The stitching in the neck has been ripped on both onsies within the first 30 seconds of owning them. They are still wearable though. Very quick postage.

Beautiful well made bathers

My daughter is 13 and disrobes. These bathers have stopped that happening in public when she is swimming. She is very rough on her clothing and this is the third pair I have bought as I feel they are well made and three will be what we need to get through a summer of swimming. We went away over Christmas and she swam every day in the public caravan park pool without incident. I rinse the bathers out after every wear in tap water and have washed them twice. Colour is still as when purchased.