WONSIE - Bodysuits for big kids and adults!

Wonsie specialises in adaptive clothing for older children through to adults.

Our bodysuits provide a dignified solution to redirect a person away from certain behaviours which can lead to potential body exposure and hygiene issues, which promotes the exercise of care towards a person.

There are many reasons why our customer love our products. They help to keep wandering hands out of nappies and incontinence pads, deter inappropriate undressing, keep curious fingers out of feeding buttons/PEG tubes, maintains a warm layer under clothes and anything else which requires top to bottom coverage. Great for keeping people in wheelchairs comfortable and covered too.

Designed and developed by us, our Tummy Access Wonsie is perfect for anyone who is tube fed. They feature a soft and discreet opening which can be opened or closed for easy access for feeding.

Our popular Zip Back Wonsie has longer legs and an off-centred back zipper and sizes which goes up to a large adult. This jumpsuit style onesie is perfect to challenge any expert undresser. It can also double as a pyjama at night-time.

Our onesies have been particularly popular with people with special needs and those in aged care. They are also great for toddlers who are simply too tall for store bought onesies to keep tummies and backs warm in winter and to keep that nappy on! Best of all, they are designed to look like regular clothes, just like their peers, so no one will know.

Our Wonsies are:

  • made from a 95% cotton rich, comfortable jersey knit fabric which allows skin to breathe
  • designed to allow kids to play without feeling restricted
  • longer in the leg than classic bodysuits to prevent hands from reaching into nappies, keeping nappies hidden and preventing uncomfortable 'wedgies'
  • our classic styles allow for easy nappy changing and toileting thanks to press studs located at the crotch
  • in popular basic colours which will not show obvious staining in the darker shades
  • tag free to stop any irritation which would normally come from annoying labels
  • bound in a comfy soft rib knit around the neck, armholes and legs which will NOT dig into skin

Wonsie is proud to be a registered NDIS provider so please visit https://wonsie.com.au/pages/ndis for more information.

For whatever reason you need our Wonsie bodysuits, our onesies are designed to make your life a little easier. We are sure you'll love them too.


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