The only swimming nappy you will ever need

Perfect for wearing under our Back Zip swimsuits, this re-usable swim nappy by Splash About has no velcro, no ties and are eco-friendly and affordable. 

Comfortable and re-usable swim pants with discreet single layer protection, to minimise the risk of faecal leaks.

Used successfully in hydrotherapy school programs,

Available in children, teenage and adult sizes. We suggest you go up a size if the person has quite “chubby” legs.


  • Soft and supple neoprene, nylon coated shell
  • Waist and legs are a deep soft rib for a snug fit to ensure solids are contained
Childrens Reusable Splash Short Swim Nappy

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Taylor Hartley (AU)

Probably one of the best things I've brought yet, the fabric is super soft easy to put on and off, my son 5 with autism likes to get nude, especially near/in water, these make him feel like he's wearing nothing and has made swimming at local pools alot more easier without chasing a nude boy around every 5 minutes, love love love them!


Fits great, finally able to take ASD child swimming

Liz Lefrancois (US)
Best Swim Option

We love our Reusable Swim Nappy/ Diaper . We live in the USA & even thought shipping can take a little time . Totally worth it .
It protects her & we do not have to worry if she had a bowel movement . We know it won’t escape .

Lauren Hannam (AU)
Absolutely fabulous and keeps dignity intact.

My 4-year son has cognitive delays and part of that means he is not toilet trained, swimming has previously been a difficult and stressful time because of it.
These swim pants have completely changed our swimming experience, it has given him his dignity back and allowed him to feel like just like everyone else.
I am so grateful to have found this product.

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