The most reliable faecal incontinence swim short in the world, tested and approved by swim school and health care professionals worldwide.

Perfect to wear under our swimsuit or on its own!

 have been developed to support adults with faecal incontinence. Designed to look sporty and fashionable Splash Jammers have all the faecal leak protection you would expect from a swim short, leaving them free to simply enjoy swimming.

  • Soft and supple neoprene, nylon coated shell
  • Silicon seal around the thighs to prevent leaks
  • Technically designed for comfort and fit
  • UPF50+ sun protection
Adult incontinence Splash Jammers Pink/Navy

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Yingqin Wu (AU)
Adult incontinence Splash Jammers Pink/Navy

I have been buying Splash children incontinence swim nappies for year. Now my son is an adult and his hips are much wider and deeper. So I bought two sizes of Jammers - Adult XS and Adult S. The Adult XS is still slightly too big for him, especially around the waist. He is very skinny and tall. What I like about Splash brand is they have deeper crotch than other brand, which is very important for the containment in the water. I bought so many brands to try, and disappointed so many times. The Splash Jammers so far is the best among all my tried brands. It is easy to put on, has deep crotch. However the material for edges of Splash is not very tight elastic material, and it gets loose pretty quickly. I am wondering if extra plastic band in the edges could solve the problem.

I saw a brand from UK designed a zipper at the diagonal of one side of the front, made with neoprene material, but couldn't find where to buy it. I imagine that design makes the swim diaper fit snugly yet easy to put on. I went extra miles in searching swim nappies for my son, even looked to customly make it. But no tailor I know does it. I hope someone read my feedback and make something fit people like son.

Gillian Richards (AU)

Second time we have bought these swimmers, I’m about to order our 4th pair. The quality is amazing. My daughter swims every single day and nothing gives her more dignity in the pool that these pants.


I am very to own these splash about swim jammers. They work very well in keeping b.m.s contained inside the jammers. I have been able to have worry free swimming while having a b.m. inside of them. They remain comfortable till I can get changed. They are easy to clean up and reuse. They are extremely comfortable to wear and not have to worry about leaks into the water. They allow me to enjoy swimming and not to worry about if I have had and an accident in my jammers. I am extremely grateful to have something that you can wear while swimming.

Jess M (AU)
Great fit for a larger kid

I have tried other brands and they just didn't fit my very tall and solid 7yo- they kept falling down despite larger sizes. The size S adult Jammers fit her really well as they are tall at the top and fit across the leg and don't fall down. Very happy with them.

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