New Product - Waterproof Overpants

Julie O'Donovan

Nappy leaking through? Worried about accidents and wetting the bed?

New to our range is the 100% waterproof overpants - the perfect solution for protecting against bladder leakage!

Designed to be worn over disposable and cloth diapers, as well as incontinence underwear, these washable over pants offer extra assurance and peace of mind. With a gentle elastic waistband, they provide exceptional comfort and are effortlessly easy to pull up or down.

Their durability ensures long-lasting use, and cleaning is a breeze with the option to wipe them or toss them in the washing machine. Stay worry-free and confident with our reliable, comfortable, and convenient over pants!

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Waterproof Bed Pads now available

Julie O'Donovan

These versatile waterproof bed pads are a great solution for your bed wetting needs but they are also handy for the couch, pets, breastfeeding... anywhere you need just some protective coverage from spills and dirt. They have a quiet absorbent cotton top which can absorb up to 2 litres of liquid and wash and dry quickly.

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We now stock Brolly Sheets!!

Julie O'Donovan

We are excited to announce that we now stock the very practical Brolly Sheets which is a quick and easy solution to changing bedding after those little accidents!

With a soft, comfy 100% cotton top and a breathable, waterproof back – when wet, it only takes seconds to replace. They’re also easy to use, to save you time. Simply place on top of your bottom sheet, tuck in the wings and sleep directly on top. Perfect for wriggly sleepers. No more stripping the bed – get back to sleep quickly!

Take the stress and sleepless nights out of bed wetting, potty training, and incontinence with wings to stay put and the ability to absorb up to 2L of liquid.

We have them in 4 different colours/prints and they are available in Single and King Single sizes.

Get yours here:

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