Wonsie supporting disadvantaged kids

Wonsie supporting disadvantaged kids

Earlier this year, Wonsie embarked on a heartfelt collaboration with the Most Holy Rosary (QMHR) to support a group of children in the Philippines.

These children, who are under the care of the Missionaries of the Poor, face unique challenges due to their disabilities and mental health conditions, including autism.

We learned that one of the challenges faced by these children involved difficulties with keeping their clothing on, leading to uncomfortable and unsanitary situations. As most of our customers know, this is why our brand was developed for these reasons.

Their dedicated caregivers, who show endless love and commitment, were previously limited to using string to secure clothing, a solution that unfortunately led to discomfort and sores cutting into their waists. 

In response to this need, Wonsie has stepped in to provide a more dignified, comfortable, and practical solution by supplying and donating our seconds and sample garments to these children. Here is a photo of one of the recipients Melchor, looking much happier and comfortable in our backzip Wonsie.

It's our way of contributing to the well-being of these children and supporting the amazing work done by their caregivers.

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